What (self employed) web developers do

– A job description. Feedback welcome

project management

calculation, coordination, presentation, client contacts


scribbles, wire frames, mockups


server installation, provider(-communication), installations at clients computers (email setup, data exchange)

content management

analysis of given data, data base concept, information architectur, selecting a CMS, CMS installation, extensions like shops, etc.

front end development

scripting, templates, themes, interactions, graphics, style sheets

web typography

font selection, vendors and plans, micro typography (via style sheets and in markup directly)

web video

codecs, players

responsive web

grids/flexible, adaptive images, mobile first?, testing


CMS introduction, wrtiging for the web, image editing

quality management

documentation, protocols, backup, updates, bug fixing, user tests


interface design, data handling bewteen web site and app

external services

embedding linking of google analytics, maps, etc., issuu, dropbox, amazon, piwik, flickr, youtube, vimeo, facebook, twitter, etc.

communication and social networks

email, newsletter, RSS, blog, twitter, podcast, skype, etc.

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